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That Smokin' Fungi from Urban Eatery

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On the second day of PEI Burger Love, I visited Urban Eatery. I actually wasn’t thinking Burger Love today until I happened to be in the mall and noticed it’s 11:50 AM!

Urban Eatery is located in the Confederation Court Mall in the ol “food court”. It used to be a bunch of different shops years or ions ago but was re-modeled all as one.

The burger is defined as,

8oz lightly seasoned Island Beef Burger with Smoked Kale Chips, Smoked Paprika, house-made Hickory Sticks, Sliced Grilled Portobello Mushrooms, Roasted Red Pepper Aioli, Cow's 2 year old Applewood Smoked Cheddar and Mustard Basil Mango Chutney on a toasted Onion Kaiser

Obviously anyone who has been to Urban Eatery knows you can’t really rate the service as easily as you can at other locations, it’s not your typical sit down and be served style restaurant. You simply get your foot in a cafeteria style restaurant and then go sit down. Urban Eatery PEI Burger Love

So, I ordered up their Burger. They also offer fries for an extra $1.50 which I declined. The service was what to be expected, friendly ol’ customer service. The interactions with the staff were as to be expected, pleasant and friendly.

The cost of the burger was a minimal $10 which was a surprise as I was expecting them to be a bit more.

I sat down and enjoyed the burger. The best part about it was without a doubt the beef. Meaty and juicy! The meal was obviously what was to be expected, being served on a styrofoam plate comes with the price tag. And at $10, it wasn’t anything too special. Just a regular run of the mill burger.

All in all, I was a bit surprised as I am a huge fan of their Mistress Burger, which is highly suggested.

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