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Real Meals - A Great Solution For Lunch

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For some reason, my eating habits have never been a real concern. I don't pay too close attention to what I eat. So some days, I may not eat any fruit nor veggies.

For me, heading out to a restaurant to grab a meal is a no brainier and I put very little thought into it. Except when I do go out, I usually get something not so healthy for me such as a Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap or Pizza, oh Pizza.


A couple years back, I came onto this website called RealMeals. I tried ordering from it when I had a regular day job and it was delicious. offers a selection of products available for lunch. They give you a menu of 33 items with 2 specials.

The site isn't overly complicated and is extremely easy to use. You just place an order online and they will deliver it the next day sometime between 8-9am and noon. I usually get it delivered to my house and I'll take it down to work with me. This being said, you need to place your order by 5pm in order to receive it the next day.

The cost of the meal is a minimal $5 (includes taxes AND delivery!) which is close to the equivalent of a Pizza Delivery fee in Charlottetown. The portion size is definitely worth it and usually includes a good portion of veggies.

I suggest you check it out if you're looking for good food at a really low price!

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