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Why moving the Festival of Lights is a bad idea.

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While I live downtown, I have not heard much additional noise from this weekends festival. It is the same drunken rowdiness that goes on every weekend, except this is just a 2 day extension.

On the same note, I don't really care about the noise. Living downtown, I expect things to be different compared to living behind Shoppers Drug Mart/Sobeys on University Avenue. Same as parking, its not as easy to find parking as further uptown. Somethings are just more expected depending on where you live.

City council really needs to look at its options. Sure, some people want the festival moved, but you'll always have the whiners. A recent CBC article had a suggestion for Victoria Park. Move them there. So instead of having the drunks walk 5-7 blocks to the bars, they now have to walk 13-15. By moving it to Victoria Park, it won't make people quiter. In fact, it'll end up making them louder (and probably more rebelious as they have to walk that far) as instead of the 5-7 blocks, they're now walking double that. Sure, taking a cab is an option if you want to sit around and wait 1-2 hours for one which isn't really a good idea since our bars close early anyway. When it takes 30-40 minutes to walk to the bars from Victoria Park, that's a much greater distance then 5-10 minutes from the waterfront. This is a classic example of the NIMBY attitude people have.

The real question should be how many people are going to show up? Last year we reached up to 50,000 over three days and that was when gas prices were much lower. Now, oil prices have doubled and our gas prices are also much higher. Last years weather was also much better then this years.

Hope those who attended had fun, as I didn't attend.

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