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WinterDine: Gahan

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After taking in one of the presentations by Music PEI, as part of Music PEI week, I decided I would indulge in a WinterDine meal at one of the local establishments after the Music PEI event was over on Saturday.

First up, I called Lot 30, who was booked for the entire weekend. Secondly, I rang Sims Corner to see when their WinterDine menu kicked off. Sure enough, it started at 4pm however, the lady proceeded to tell me that since it has been such a hit, they will also be offering it next week! Great I thought, I’ll take theirs in next week.

Then I decided upon Gahan House.

Grilled Tomato & Portabella Salad
Tomato, Portabella Mushroom, Red Onion, balsamic dressing

Seafood Curry Pot Pie
Shrimp, Haddock, Halibut, Crab, Curry Cream, Coconut Biscuit Crust

Stout Molten Lava Cake
Sydney St. Stout lava Cake, P.E.I Blueberry Compote Maple Cream

I dropped in and was served a table much quicker than my last visit and while the server forgot the WinterDine menu, I asked her how many options they had on it. She replied "one", I said I’ll take it! Her next question was, are you allergic to fish or anything? I said nope!

Gahan Shortly thereafter, came the appetizer. It looked semi-good and consisted of tomato, portabella mushroom, red onion, balsamic dressing. Obviously I skipped the red onions and ate the greens. After this, I proceeded onto the mushroom, which I had no idea was mushroom at the time. The first few bites were good however, halfway through it, I noticed the taste was different. I flipped it over and it looked burnt.

Gahan My waitress came over shortly thereafter and asked how it was. I then asked her if the mushroom was supposed to be blackish. She informed me she’s not sure as my meal was the first WinterDine meal she had served. She then said she’ll go check with the chef and brought my plate in. Shortly thereafter, she came back and informed me the presentation of the food was correct as the chef likes it a bit burnt.

A bit after this, came the main course. At this point, I didn’t know what is coming. After all they only had one meal, so that was the meal I was receiving. When the main course did arrive, I was a bit shocked. To date, most main courses have been a good combination with multiple items on my plate. I asked the waitress what it was and she informed me it was the Seafood Curry Pot Pie. Great I said!


This was the first pot pie I’ve had on the WinterDine menu and I was surprised it didn’t include any vegetables. So, I dug in. After a couple of bites, the waitress came back with another small plate of veggies.

I continued to eat away. My first reaction was, this tastes good! Surprised, I was thoroughly enjoying the pot pie. As I continued to eat, I appreciated the tad bit too hot meal, pretty much finishing the whole thing. Looking back, I didn’t take the opportunity to combine the veggies with the pot pie, but I did think it was an enjoyable meal. Not one of those knock your socks off meals, but a good enjoyable one at that.

GahanLast up, the dessert (<-Notice the double s ;) ). The dessert was simple though it was kind of disappointing they merely just put it on a plate to be served. A nice touch from the previous desserts was to add some classy look to it, nonetheless I dug in. The dessert was exactly what I thought it would be. Again, not super delicious, but it was good.

All in all the food was good. It didn’t seem like there was a lot of thought put into the items, as it was more so, let’s serve them food as quick as possible. All the other WinterDine locations were careful in how the food appeared, but not the Gahan house. This was sorta disappointing as I consider Gahan more of an upscale spot then some of the other spots I had visited.

So, how many times was my glass empty? More than the other restaurants. This was the interesting point for me. For the most part, I thought Gahan was overstaffed. There was no less than 2-3 staff always within 2-5 meters of my table yet my glass was empty for longer periods than the other restaurants. What was most interesting was a staff member (not my waitress) came over and filled up my glass of water without saying boo. Similar to my experience at Mavor’s, I found my waitress was always running around doing something. In this case, she seemed to be working hard while her co-workers weren’t too concerned. So, was I happy with how my waitress served me? Yes. She was attentive, did come over with refills often.

Lastly, when I got up to pay, I never look at the bill, especially for WinterDine. She rang it through and I noticed on the debit machine it only said $23.10. As I am pretty sure all the WinterDine meals were $25 or $35, I mentioned to her about the mistake in price. She informed me that she did not charge me for the appetizer and discounted the bill as such. I was impressed she spoke with the manager after I asked about it being burnt and after the chef said that’s what its suppose to look like. As such, I hope she receives a good portion of the tip I had left.

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