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A lot of people have been asking about my semi-recent news engagements where I have shot video of different events, such as Plan B. I also released a Facebook Group called PEI News Now.

I originally intended to write a blog on my intentions however failed to do so. As such, some people thought, John is starting his own news outlet. I even received some messages from a few members from the CBC & The Guardian.

Be rest assured, I have little to no intention of starting a media organization. I'm not a writer. My grammar sucks. So unless a version of Lloyd Robertson or Peter Mansbridge calls me up, I have no intentions of being in the media business other then reporting on technology and photography.

I do what I do. I love what I do. I love almost anything that has to do with the lovely network we call the world wide web. I love photography and my cameras. I love utilizing and learning more about these things to allow me to be more knowledgeable at what I do. I also love the news. I'd make one heck of a photo journalist (I think) as I also love following the news. That being said, I'm not interested in pursuing it more then I am now. I love my day job. I'm a news junkie. I listen to the Assembly of Prince Edward Island during question periods while working, in fact, I'm a week behind but it makes for great background noise.

Thankfully, through my photography business, I have done a little bit of it with The Canadian Press. The experience has brought a tiny bit more of an awareness out as to what reporters go through on a daily basis. Kudos to them.

So I have been able to do what I love. But most of it comes down to, how much time do I have available to explore other things I am passionate about. Sometimes lots. Sometimes not much. When things slow down, I tend to explore more new things then when things are busy.

I could never be a reporter. As much fun as it would be having a new assignment everyday, I'd have a difficult time concentrating on my own task as a reporter as I'd be curious as to what others are working on. Now, give me a camera to go photograph breaking news and I'd be all over it.

My personal opinion is that we don't have enough media on PEI. There is not enough in-depth reporting. My favorite media story, besides The Guardian's lovely piece on myself, was a multi-piece done by Brendan Elliot on the Failed Summerside Concerts.

The purpose of my media stuff lately is more so a two pronged approach.
1) PEI News Now is intended to be a social news outlet. It's merely a Facebook group that allows individuals to post breaking news as they see it. Thus the reason for utilizing a group vs a fanpage.

The Guardian has something like 17 reporters. CBC I think has maybe 12-15? As well connected as some of the reporters may be, they aren't connected to every Islander on PEI. If you take those 30 people and assume they have 500 people who tip them off on a regular basis, then that's only 15,000 people. For a province with a population fo 140,000, that's 10%. Lets engage the other 90% and make a social news outlet for people to report news. We can leave the in depth reporting for others.

So the purpose of “PEI News Now” is for people to report what they are seeing. If the media personal of our beautiful Island wish to follow along, then great. If not, then that's fine too. But for me, I'm a new junkie. And I love reading up on whats happening.

2) My videos are more so a representation of what others can do. I'd love to see a bunch of independent media outlets open up on PEI. Of course, the feasibility of such action makes this unlikely, but I love reading the news. I hope to display the ease of use of utilizing something like YouTube. I'm all about making the internet easy. And the YouTube videos I have completed (and are being displayed on PEIinfo) is not only coming from a news aspect but also a technological aspect to show people what can be done. Combining two different media channels into one and making it extremely easy to update both just tickles my fancy.

At the same time, I hope it encourages some people to start up their own citizen journalist websites. Then we can have more sources for Island news. Now don't get me wrong, the brick & motor news outlets have their place, afterall most view them as a reliable source for news. But, there is room for others too!

So, hopefully this will put to rest any thoughts that I am starting my own news outlet!

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