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Introducing HG Mobile Marketing - Text "hgmobile" to 76000

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The RRSP deadline is February 28th. It's one of those things I tend to forget about until February hits. Tonight, I got a hair cut, again not a game changer but something I don't put a lot of thought into. In January/February, as part of Lens Make A Picture, I will be sending out reminders so tourism operators can get their postcards orders in early for the upcoming Tourism season.

Change is a part of life, but for the some things, they are part of our regularly schedule programming. For instance, I usually get a hair cut every 6 weeks. What if the hair salon could reach out to you on the 5th week? Sound familiar. For some it may. For those of the female gender, you probably book your next hair appointment in advance. For myself, being a male, booking hair appointments 6 weeks in advance isn't really my thing.

We put winter tires on our cars in November. This winter on PEI, you may have been a bit later... Oil changes happen every 3 months but not always do we remember to get an oil change right on the dot.

While driving down the street, you see a house you may be interested in, your not always gonna call the realtor up and say, "hey, I want more info". Especially if it is 11pm at night. Of course, some real estate signs have QR codes on them, however, do you really wanna walk over and scan the QR code when its storming out? Not so much.

As part of my exhibit happening at The Guild (until December 22nd), I added the ability for people to scan a two dimensional code and retrieve information on the said print. But not everyone has QR Code readers. Nor do they wanna download the software to do it.

So, I added the ability for people to text the photograph's keyword to 76000. Then, they will be able to retrieve more information on the photograph in question. The good news is, it happens automatically. I don't need to sit on my computer and reply to their text message. An auto-responder is instantly sent back (via SMS/Text) to the users phone. Then they can receive more information on it. Now with Christmas coming up, I can send out a single polite message asking users if they wish to purchase the print. It'd make a great Christmas gift.

This technology is part of short code messaging and is part of a new project that Kent Hudson and I are working on. If you're interested in finding out more on what our system can do, simply give us a call. We'll sit ya down and show ya some examples of such uses like a text to screen option, voting via text messaging, appointment reminders, random responses and more.

Wanna see it in action? Simply text "hgmobile" to 76000. It'll automatically reply.

If you're interested in setting up a time to discuss how this would benefit your business, simply give me a shout at (902) 940-0973 or give Kent Hudson a call (902) 394-3790.

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