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Lunch & Learn: Square Card Reader

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As part of my goals in 2013, I intend on putting on a couple different courses in regards to multiple subjects. The first subject is on the Square Card Reader.

square card reader

I previously blogged about Square and have had a lot of interest from individuals looking to learn more about the new mobile application. Square is a credit card processing service that can be utilized through numerous Apple iOS (running iOS5.0 or higher) devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, as well as through numerous Google Android devices (running Androind 2.2 or higher). It allows you to utilize current mobile devices to process credit cards.

As part of a lunch & learn series at the Queen Street Commons, I will be doing a presentation on the Square Card Reader on January 16th. The presentation will cover the basics on what the Square Card Reader is and how it processes credit card payments. As well, I will go over the benefits, costs and answer any other questions you may have on the Square credit card processor.

This device is great for those whom do credit card processing on the go including artisans and onsite service providers, and more.

In lieu of this presentation, I will be giving away 5 Square Card Readers for free. More information on the give-away will be made on the Facebook event page in the coming days.

The cost for the session will be free to any Queen Street Commons members however there will be a minimal $10 fee for those who are not.

Additionally, besides this posting, I have also created a Facebook event. Be sure to mark yourself as attending if you wish to attend!

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