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Canadian E-Commerce Spending Habits, Or Lack Thereof

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Us canucks are a funny bunch. We are one of the more massive users of the internet. We use it more often then most other countries, yet we haven't warmed up to buying online yet. Though things are improving significantly, we're not there yet.

We are a worldwide leader in most areas that has to do with online activity. We are #1 in the world when it comes to amount of users online (almost 68%), number #1 in terms of percentage of Canadians on Facebook and of course, #1 for spending the most time online per month (2nd is the USA with 38.6 hours).

So with all these #1 positions, you'd think Canadians are #1 when it comes to e-commerce? Not so fast. We're not so highly rated when it comes to e-commerce. Canadian's are a couple steps behind the 8-ball in terms of e-commerce. Infact, we're still years behind however that places us behind countries like China, South Korea, the UK, the USA and even Mexico.

Some retailers are jumping on board and noticing the benefits. For local retailers Bill & Wanda Watters, they adopted e-commerce 5 years ago through their website. And in the past few years has been nominated for many awards that include:

But it is not only the smaller retailers that are stepping up to the e-commerce plate but larger ones like Amazon that are taking steps to improve their service by offering 2 day shipping in Canada. Sure it might not include the Northern area or Maritime provinces but its a step that shows Canadians are moreso warming up to e-commerce.

So what is e-commerce exactly? It's the ability to purchase things online. Whether it be a mobile application or a tangible item such as a television.

E-Commerce is certainly on the minds of those looking to purchase goods. And while it may be taking off slower in Canada, e-commerce is definitely improving as we see on a yearly basis with new record CyberMonday or Boxing Day sales.

Here's hoping that in 2013 Canada will take a few steps up the ladder for online purchasing.

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