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Evernote: The Best Way to Take Notes

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EvernoteFor the past couple years, I have rotated what device I take meetings notes on. In some cases, I would use my iPad, my Blackberry, my iPod Touch or my MacBook. In the odd case, I'd resort just to a binder. With so many devices, it means storing a lot of data on different devices.

This can create a data management issue if I do not manage all the data properly. For instance, referencing where I may have stored a certain set of notes can become a problem. And going through the devices can be time consuming. As such, in recent times, I have changed one small component.

As with everything else, syncing it all to “the cloud” is becoming the norm. So I figured I may as well be syncing all my notes so I can access them remotely from different machines without worrying about which device I used to record the notes. So, if I type something into my Blackberry, I can easily bring it up on my iPad.

Welcome Evernote. Evernote is a web application which allows you to take notes on a wide range of devices and then store them remotely or, on the cloud. This way, you always have access to the notes no matter what device you are on.

So, let's say your writing on your iPad notes about a meeting. You then go back to your office. You can then easily access the notes written on your iPad through your office computer. You can then access your private notes through Evernote's application or through the website.

Just think of all those times you've written something down on a napkin and had to retype it out. Now you can do it once and it is available in multiple locations. With evernote, you can snap a picture of the napkin and then share it inside Evernote.

Oh and did I mention, you don't need access to the internet to utilize evernote. The applications available allow you to work in online or offline mode!

If sharing your documents is important, you can share your documents with others. This works in the event you wish to share notes on the fly. For me, sharing notes is great when it comes to longer tasks or items. Examples would include a grocery list, things to pickup and etc.

So how much does an application like this cost? Well, the best thing is the price. It's free. You can upgrade to a version that utilizes secure socket layer (SSL).

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