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WinterDine! Delicious Downtown Dining?

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I've been a fan of WinterDine now for a bit, usually partaking in a couple of meals per year. This year, I wanted to try and increase the amount of locations I visit for the WinterDine specials.

Like everyone, I have my usual's. My usual locations consist of probably 8-10 different local establishments, but I also move away from my usual's and checkout other spots. Doing so makes you keep an open mind as to what the standard is when going out to eat. One standard I have become accustom to is good customer service.

When visiting a local establishment recently, I was reminded that customer service isn't top notch everywhere. At the restaurant I was at, I was amazed at the lack of customer service where patrons where an individual I knew was actually going behind the bar to take care himself. And with no staff around, I thought okay, this isn't right. Eventually the staff did come, and the two groups of people waiting got service.

But enough about that, let's get back to WinterDine.

So what is it? It is an initiative being put on by Downtown Charlottetown Inc to encourage people to get out and checkout the local restaurants during their slow January month. For most, we are busy paying off our debt accumulated from Christmas purchases, so eating out becomes lower on our priority list.

For restaurant's, it represents a slower month. One establishment owner explained the difference as, said establishment makes more on February 1st's lunch sales then they do for the entire day of January 31st. Pretty big difference eh?

So Downtown Charlottetown Inc came up with an idea a couple years ago to entice people to eat out more. Each establishment is to come up with a 3 course meal for $25 or $35 per person. For the most part, it is only available for supper. The 20 establishments have their meals posted on the DCI website.

So which establishments are involved? Well, it's based on the Downtown Charlottetown Inc.'s definition of Downtown Charlottetown, which is considered to be from as far west as Pownal Street to Prince Street. Then from as far South as Water Street to Euston Street.

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