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WinterDine: Lot30

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The following is a guest post by Angela Douglas on Lot30 during the WinterDine Festival.

Bacon vinaigrette dressed greens with roasted tomatoes ~or~
Haddock brandade with herb aioli
Lot 30 tuna casserole

Beef en croute with Webb’s local fingerling potatoes
Sweet potato ravioli with seared scallops and shaved padano

Pear spice cake with house made vanilla ice cream
Chocolate caramel tart with crème fraiche ice cream

Lot 30

We made a reservation for 730 on Sunday and the restaurant was pretty near empty. It is a nice spot although the music was something to be desired. We were starving and it took about 30 mins before we received our apps but we did get some yummy warm rolls and wine to hold us over. As you don’t make friends with salad, we ordered the haddock and tuna casserole. The tuna casserole was delicious and the haddock was good, very rich and creamy. They should put the tuna casserole on their menu. The portion size was pretty big too.

Lot 30

We had to wait what seemed like an eternity for the main courses. Was over 30 mins wait for our mains. While it is fine dining, considering the place was so empty, this surprised me. Andrew got the scallops and ravioli. It looked amazing but was very bland. I got the beef en croute which was just glorified beef stew (it tasted like puritan beef stew and while some may enjoy this, I do not) and it was awful. The beef tasted very cheap. While ‘beef and croute’ is just beef and puff pastry, I was expecting something similar to a beef wellington... Andrew ate most of it, mainly bc he was hungry, not bc he liked it. The potatoes were undercooked and pretty hard but the coleslaw and spinach were pretty good. The salt shaker on our table was empty; perhaps the restaurant was out of salt...

Lot 30

So I finally remembered to take a pic before we started eating! Presentation was good, as always. The chocolate tart was very good and the spice cake was a little heavy but the ice cream was very good.

Overall, I wasn’t that impressed. I expected a bit more from Lot 30. The service was good, our waiter was very attentive but for $100 (food and wine) I think I would go elsewhere.

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