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Mobile Phone Hardware Comparision

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I took a moment to do a breakdown of the different cell phone network's options for purchasing phones outright. While I understand this is an uncommon purchase, it shows a breakdown of the different phones that are avaliable through Eastlink, Bell, Telus & Rogers.

For the most part, I am happy with the pricing difference. Eastlink is showing they wish to be a bit more competitive in terms of the hardware pricing, except the Nexus 4.

Obviously without the ability to offer the iPhone, that will have an impact on the wireless division of Eastlink however Wind Mobile seems to be getting along fine without it. Though with Apple's share on the downward spiral as of late, I wouldn't be surprised to see Apple more willing to negotiate with these smaller mobile carriers.

Phone Eastlink Bell Aliant Telus Rogers
Sony Xperia T $549 $549 N/A $549
Samsung Galaxy S III $599 $649 $650 $649.99
*LG Nexus 4 $499 N/A N/A N/A
BlackBerry Bold 9900 $599 $599.95 $630 $599.99
BlackBerry Curve 9320 $199 $200 $250 N/A
Huawei e397 $149 N/A $150 N/A

*LG Nexus 4 is avaliable through Google for $309 vs Eastlink's $499

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