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PEI Burger Love: Olde Dublin Pub's The Stuffed Leprechaun

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Friday at lunch I scooted on over to the Olde Dublin Pub to try out The Stuffed Leprechaun. Walking in I was not sure what I was getting into as I don't usually look at what the burger is and what ingredients are in it. Sarah was already at Old Dublin when I arrived so we were advised to have a seat.

A short time later the waitress came by to take our order. We both ordered the Burger Love which is described as:

Hand Ground 6oz Island Beef Burger stuffed with braised Pork Belly and Pepperjack Cheese, topped with Potato Chips, Pickled Vinaigrette Slaw, Guinness Bacon Jam, and topped with Dill Pickle and Cherry Tomato on house-made Milk Bread Bun

The decor of Olde Dublin Pub is well, pub style. It's a pretty open concept for the most part and has a good atmosphere for night life.

When she came back with our food, I wasn't sure what to think! The burger looked good, but some of the ingredients didn't look too appetizing for me. After snapping a few pics, I dug in! After all, I usually order burgers without any onion and in this case, it had onions.

The first few bites of the burger had me wanting more. The burger was incredibly juicy. It was stuffed with braised port belly & pepperjack cheese! It wasn't too hard going down, but just like Mavors, by the end of er, the bun was getting really mushy and spread apart.

The homemade chips were a delightful addition, but I was not much of a fan of the chips.

They were harder to bite into than I was hoping for. Nonetheless, it was a nice addition.

All in all, the waitress did a good job ensuring we didn't have any issues and came around frequently enough. She did a good job keeping the beverages coming.

That afternoon, I didn't feel much of a desire to take a nap, it was a small one that didn't last long, but my friend did feel the coma.

All in all, for $18.13, it was a good meal. It wasn't a favorite, but it was pretty good, I'd give it an 8 out of 10 bites! Would I return if I had the option too, meaning there were some extra days? Yes. I probably would, but it wouldn't be the first spot I would go back.

I ended up hitting up Dynamic Fitness later in the day and jogged/walked on a treadmill for an hour.

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