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PEI Burger Love: Not’Cha Burger from Gahan

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Not'cha Burger from Gahan HouseI have debated if I should or if I shouldn't do a review of all the burger establishments particpating in the PEI Burger Love campaign, after all, I did it for Downtown Charlottetown Inc's WinterDine. I have had all kinds of people ask me if I will be and suggested I very well should; however, I don't wish to turn this into a food blog.

That being said, today was the launch of PEI Burger Love. A successful partnership between government, industry partners and private business.

Shortly after attending the launch, I was invited out to lunch with two beautiful ladies to enjoy the "Not'Cha Burger" at Gahan House in downtown Charlottetown.

It is described as:

9oz of Island Beef, shredded Cheese, Spicy Cheese Dip, Tri-Colour Tortilla Chips, Green Onions, diced Tomatoes, more Cheese, Lettuce, Salsa, Bacon, Jalapeno Mayo on a fresh Kaiser Bun, and topped with a battered Deep Fried Jalapeno

The service was definitely up to par and exceeded my expectations. The server did a great job ensuring we were being looked after.

The burger itself was a delicious burger. As much as my twitter followers will know I love the newly opened Relish Gourmet Burgers, I will have to give credit to Gahan for creating a better burger.

The burger was a beautiful combination of both nachos and burger. The mouth watering meal in itself was very filling. The delicious juicy burger kept me full all afternoon.

I combined the burger up with a simple pop for my beverage. In total, the bill came to $20. A pretty expensive, but delicious burger.

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