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PEI Burger Love: The Pub Crawl from St James Gate

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St James Gate PEI Burger LoveFriday night I was working late before heading out for some adventures in our beautiful city. At about 7pm I started to feel a bit hungry so I tweeted St. James Gate who always does a great job replying to people via Twitter. My tweet was simple asking if they had burger love. Indeed, they do. St. James Gate entry is called the Pub Crawl, which is described as

Guinness marinated 8oz Island Beef Burger with Glenphilly Whiskey Cheddar, Cherry Brandy Candied Bacon, Jack Daniels Sautéed Onions, Roasted Garlic Strongbow Aioli, Lettuce, Tomato and Pickle on a local Brioche Bun

Looking at all the burgers from the Burger Love website, it is probably the smallest burger out of the bunch. It tasted like a good normal burger without anything really special to it. The burger itself was juicy and tasty. It has a nice taste to it (the aioli taste shined through), it wasn't a large monstrous burger, but a smaller one. It also came with a side, which I decided on a caesar salad which was beyond delicious. The burger didn't end up ruining the bun with grease.

St James Gate PEI Burger Love

For myself, the side caesar salad really shined through, it was a nice touch and tasted delicious. As someone who really enjoys his caesar salads I will be back for it alone!

St James Gate PEI Burger Love

The servers did a great job of keeping the drinks coming, so good, we decided to stay and have some friends meet up with us there. We didn't just have one server, which happens a lot, we had multiple checking up on us to make sure things were okay. We felt well taken care of the entire night. Out of all the locations I have been to, The Gate takes the cake in terms of service. They really did an outstanding job.

For those who appreciate the Vintage Charlottetown fanpage, you will enjoy The Gate's decor. They have old vintage photos up along the walls. The rest of the decor nice as well (is pub style) and from the few times I've been there, it has a good night life associated with it.

On a scale out of 1-10 bites, I would give them an 8 out of 10.

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