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PEI Burger Love: The Butcher's Block from Redwater Rustic Grille

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After being seated at the Redwater Rustic Grille, I was pretty quickly advised that the PEI Burger Love burger was the suggested meal for Monday afternoon. "I'll take it", I informed the server.

RedWaterImmediately when the food was delivered I really enjoyed the smell of....not the burger, but surprisingly, the mac & cheese. As good as the burger looked, it was the mac & cheese that really pique my interest when the food arrived. The smell of was creamy & mouth watering.

The burger looked appetizing with Redwater deserving full marks on the appearance of the burger. It was well put together and is described as:

8oz Island Beef Chuck-Brisket Burger stuffed with Pulled Short-ribs, topped with Sweet Corn & Bacon Aioli, Cherry Tomato Jam, Apple Moonshine BBQ Sauce, Baby Arugula, Island Aged Gouda, garnished with Deep Fried Bacon Wrapped Chipotle Cream Cheese Stuffed Pepperoncini Pepper on a Vidalia Onion Brioche Bun

But wait a second, let's take a step back. One main thing that stood out of Redwater is the decor, it's a fabulous looking spot with a high end feel. The bathroom and wifi are shared with the adjoining hotel.

The service started out on a good note and finished on one too, although I *almost* felt pressured to purchase an alcoholic beverage. They did a good job keeping my glass full by serving not only my main drink, but water as well.

Now, back to the burger:

The burgers name? The Butcher's Block.


The sweet corn & bacon aioli really stood out for me, adding in the Apple Moonshine BBQ sauce and Cherry Tomato Jam, all I can say is yum. The mix of sauces in my mouth was a watering delight. The flavorful tastes really had me craving the opportunity to come back. Simply put, it was delicious. Out of all the top ranking burgers I have had, this one kept it together till the last bite. The burger did not mush or break apart like other restaurants.

Total cost of the burger, mac & cheese and pop was $19.32 with taxes included.

All in all, I did not feel bloated after leaving and nor did I feel the food coma (wanting to fall asleep after a meal). So I was delighted with the experience.

Out of a 10 bites, I would give I would give it a 9.

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