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PEI Burger Love: The Maple Grill

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Tuesday night I was heading out for a bite to add at a certain local restaurant. I really did not think about doing two burger loves in one day, but I figured I had to wait downtown for a friend anyway, so what the heck. On my way there, I ended up noticing another restaurant, the Maple Grille, was offering burger love! As I had never visited the Maple Grille, I was excited for the opportunity and decided on a last minute change of venue.

My first thought when I walked into the Maple Grill was, wow, this place is bigger than I had expected. Here I thought it was small restaurant when in fact it has a nice size to it. My second thought was, it is kinda late, maybe they close soon so I asked. The waiter encouraged me to sit down and enjoy a bite and that time was not an issue, I asked again just to make sure and she sounded sincere.

So, my order was simple, “burger love please” I asked. And since it was my second burger love of the day, I said I had better go with just a water. Earlier I had finished my best workout yet at Dynamic Fitness and thought the second burger alone was enough of a calorie addition for me.

When the burger came out, the first thing I did was to take the bun off and snap a picture. The greens on top excited me as I had been craving a caesar salad after my experience at St. James Gate on Friday. My first bite in, I noticed the creamy Spicy Asiago Aiol and man, it was good. The burger certainly had a bit of a kick to it. Not instantly but after chewing it, it certainly had some punch. The burger patty itself was mushy and tasty with a more spicy taste to it than the others I have had. The bun tasted like a normal kaiser bun. The taste of the spinach & tomato were certainly noticeable on this burger and at this stage I hoped it would not deliver the food coma knockout punch like some of the others did. By the time I finished my plate, I really wanted to lick the plate clean. The aioli was nothing short of amazing. Probably the best aioli I have had.

In terms of the service aspect, service certainly could have been better and perhaps if I was earlier in the day it might have been. However, checking up on someone only once is not enough. Especially when the first time you checked up on them, they already drank the entire small glass of water.

For someone who was headed to another Burger Love joint, I was glad the burger was a great tasting burger. The burger itself was amazing with no post-food coma feelings however it did not fulfill me 100% like the other burgers did. None the less, The Savoury Lady was still very tasty and delicious.

The Savoury Lady is described as

Maple Glazed 7oz Island Beef Burger with Double Smoked Bacon, Goat Cheese, creamy Spicy Asiago Aioli, Spinach and Tomato on a House-Made Herb & Spice Bun

The total cost for the burger was around $15.

All in all, I would give The Savoury Lady 8 bites out of 10 and I will certainly be back to try out their normal menu.

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