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Tourism Down Again?

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I've talked to two people in Tourism Saturday who reported the tourism sector is down compared to last year. One being a provincial government senior official and the other a manager of two attractions in Cavendish.

I recall years ago, you could tell if the tourism season was up or down by your travels to and from the Cavendish regions by the amount of cars you passed on your way to/fro work.

The roads would be packed with traffic and you couldn't get anywhere fast during mid-day. Even for myself, when I worked at Ripley's Believe it or Not, going for lunch a few minutes down the street turned into a 10 minute drive back.

Are our tourist days over? While gas does play a large role in it, I think some of it has to do with new attractions. The Confederation Bridge created lots of hype. Shining Waters was recently built in Cavendish but other then that not much has gone on in terms of tourism growth. And the only reason Shining Waters was built was due to the purchasing of Rainbow Valley by the feds.

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