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Will I get an iPhone?

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Maybe. I currently have a Motorola Q with Telus Mobility and coincidentally, my contract is up this month. That being said, I really don't want to sign on a three year contract, especially with Eastlink Cell Phone coming soon.

Currently, I use 70mb (60mb the month before and the month before) of data a month on my unlimited data plan with Telus, so I am not really worried about the restrictions on data.

A lot of potential buyers are delaying on purchasing the iPhone because Rogers will not be offering unlimited data. But most of these users probably don't need unlimited data, much like web hosting, people simply just want it for no other reason then having it. Most won't actually use that much anyway.

So I'm not really concerned about the transfer usage a month. It is the three year contract plus the fact that the last time I had Rogers, they had very spotty service. I recall driving down University Avenue and not having service! When I canceled my phone with Rogers, I remember look at their service map and thinking how I only receive service in 20-30% of those areas.

A few years ago, when the East Coast Music Awards were in town, I was also trying out a specific Blackberry on Rogers and had similar problems in Charlottetown.

Rogers does offer a 30 day trial period where you can cancel your account if your not happy however they restrict you to using 30 minutes of cell phone service which isn't enough. If you go over, then you can no longer cancel without penalties.

I might try it out and see how it goes but considering they are probably not willing to do a 2 year contract I doubt I will be proceeding. Two years is my typical max. contract length.

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