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Whats in a name?

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Friday night at the Morell Street Dance, an old high school friend of mine ran a business idea/name by me, as a potential start-up (I'm always listening). The basic idea he had was definitely a good one, and not the first person to bring it up recently, but it didn't have the uniqueness a name requires.

For example, a name like "PEI Websites" is a name that I'd never like because it's too limiting. A name can not be something limited to one geographical area when your wishing to market yourself to a larger audience. It must be a name everyone understands. However if your marketing your fresh produce to Islanders, then yes PEI Produce might work.

Before Cynthia Dunsford came up with morriscode, Ray Brow was pushing me to use UberJohn, Uber meaning cool. I didn't like the idea of using Uber as everytime I would think of UberJohn, I'd think Ray's touchless washroom (fitting).

So instead I went with morriscode and will be the UberJohn of Uberloo.

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