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Old Home Week Transit: 12 Riders in 9 hours

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My cousin and I decided to go to the live racing at the CDPEC Wednesday, as I am a fan of the horse racing. As I did not wish to take my truck down, we decided to take the Old Home Week shuttle however we were not sure when the transit service left. After taking a look on the Old Home Week website, the City of Charlottetown's transit page, and the CDPEC I could not find when the shuttle left.

So we decided we will walk down and hopefully we will eventually meet up with it. As we know one of the key locations for the Charlottetown Transit service is the Confederation Centre of the Arts, we decided to head up that way and hopefully we will come across a schedule or a sign or something.

Sure enough we walked up and seen nothing but signs, similiar to the small political ones you see around Elections, saying Old Home Week Transit Stop.

We did some basic stops aroud the Confederation Centre of the Arts and then the Old Home Week bus past, so we jumped on at the Confederation Centre at a cost of $1 and within 10 minutes we were at the fair grounds.

We jumped on the bus and the driver was telling us how things have been going. He was delighted to see someone use the service (and talk too!) because he was telling us that in the 9 hours he was driving the bus, only 12 people used it! He also stated the owner of the shuttle company (Trius) was out putting up those signs to encourage more people to use it, but surely enough someone forgot to advertise the fact that the bus leaves every 20 minutes from the Confederation Centre. We thought this was great and took the bus home instead of following our walking plan.

Hopefully, this service will be back next year and the powers that be will advertise the service as I know a lot of people would use it if they knew it was available. With departures every 20 minutes, if only the Charlottetown Transit system was this frequent I would definitely be a user of the Charlottetown Transit system.

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