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The Police Visit

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The local police force ended up visiting our client today after Monday's extremely close successful scam attempt.

The policewomen advised our client to reply to his email saying something along the lines of, "your a scammer!". This is not good business sense as there is still a fraction of a percentage that this could be a legit sale. While the odds may be extremely bad, like one in a million, you never know when you'll be that one in a million.

Our client would have spent a half hour venting in the email, while the scammer would have spent 10 seconds reading it and then simply hitting the delete button. Which would be a complete waste of time for our client.

The last thing you want to do is come off appearing unprofessional, even though it is very suspicious scammer like activity. So a simple response like, "I am sorry sir/ma'am however at the current time we can only accept western union money transfer or money order".

This way, if you do happen to be one of the one in a million that have an actual potential client on the other end, you'll still appear professional and you won't waste your time venting to someone who won't spend 10 seconds reading your well written email.

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