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Another Developing Scam Story

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I received the following message via Facebook for an advertisement I put up for BMW Parts. The ads follows the message.

I am interested in immediate purchase of your item,but before i proceed on this transaction i will like to ask some question as follow. i can only raise cashier check or money order for the payment of your item so i will like to know if the item is still available and also if is in good condition?Please your answer on this, will enable me to issue your payment to you asap

1. Do you accept a ( Cashier Check / Money Order)as a mode of payment?

2. What is the firm price of the item?

3. Will you let a shipping company to come to your house for the pick up of the item?

4. Do get back to me with your contact info where you want the payment to address to

5. I will like you to contact me to my personal email address which is (


Looking for a BMW Part but don't want to pay out the big bucks that Halifax/Moncton BMW charges?
i.e. Alternator from Halifax BMW cost $800 for my X5. I can purchase a new alternator from BMW Direct for $200!

New rotors/brakes/sensor cost $450 installed from Halifax BMW. I can obtain the same parts for $200 and installation at a local qualified mechanic cost $60!

Have a check engine light on but don't want to pay the local mechanics $40-$50 to set it up to their computers? I have a BMW Computer which diagnoses OBD and OBDII cars (1970-NEW) check engine light problems.

Obviously, the messenger, in this case "Nicholee Smith", never read my actual advertisement. I am proceeding with the "sale" anyway to document another online scam.

The last reply was:

Hello...thanks for your response...the price of New BMW OEM Parts/Check Engine Light is too mush by me so please do you still have any avalable item that price will start from anything from 30 to 500

I made the scammer an offer of $500 and we will see where it goes from here.

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