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Scammer Update - Am I scam worthy?

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Conversations with the scammer continues. The scammer has been asking a few extra questions to see if I am worthy of sending his fake cheques. Those include, if I trust him and if I would wire transfer the additional funds back to him.

Here's the email:

Thanks for your response, The price of the Item is fine by me and i will like to inform you that there will be an excess fund on the check that you are going to receive and as soon as you receive it you are to get it cashed in your bank or any place that does the task and deduct your Item price from the money and have the rest of funds wired via western union or money gram to the shipping company,so that they will be able to come for the Item pick up at your giving location,and i will like to ask
you some question before i can proceed:
1.can i trust you with the money?
2.will you be able to wire transfer the excess the same day you receive the certified cashier check ?
3.will u be available when the shipping company will be coming for the pickup?
4.can i take you for your words?
I will be waiting for your answers and i want you to consider these Item sold to me and kindly get back to me with the full name you want on the payment and the address you want it to be sent to.


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