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Charlottetown Farmer's Market

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I've been going to the Charlottetown Farmer's Market for the past year and thus far have really enjoyed it. The Market is located across from the UPEI Campus. Most of the food is prepared for your enjoyment while at the market, or you can take it home to eat at a later date.

The market has 55 vendors and is situated inside the market building, most farmers markets are outside.

I believe the market opens at 9am and closes down at 2pm however I am pretty sure they allow guests to enter before 9am.

So far every week I have gone I typically get the same thing.

Banana Chocolate Smoothy from Cabana Corner. These are so good I usually purchase two while there and the smoothies are extremely easy to make. A little banana, chocolate ice cream and milk and voila.

Oktoberfest Sausage from a farm that I forget the Island Taylored Meats out of Montague. They have a booth outside and one inside and sell BBQ'd Sausages onsite as well as frozen sausage.

If I am really hungry, sometimes I will end up getting perogies from Gramma Jaworski's. Add in some ketchup and they taste great.

Every week I'll usually buy a bunch of banana's and sometimes carrots, however I much prefer the baby carrots therefore I usually ask around if any vendors have them. Usually no one does but sometimes I will purchase the normal sized ones.

In March CBC's Land and Sea did a video on the market. One of the things that are mentioned is the market has a community feel and I completely agree, after watching the video I noticed numerous clients and a few friends are in it. Then George sums it up pretty good, there's no better place to be on a Saturday morning!

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