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Public Meeting on The Waterfront Development

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Tonight I went to the Public Meeting on the development of a project down beside Founders Hall which is to feature a Spa/Hotel/Condo.

The meeting started off rough with some technical issues with a computer and its projector.

One of the most interesting things was that the first speaker used to work with CADC. He brought up the historic past on how the railroad used to be situated there and the land was meant for assisting the wharf with any shipments like container ships.

Out of most of the speakers who were against the development, they all had numerous reasons but the one reason they all had was that there is no reason for this development to be on the waterfront. This development could be put on other properties within the downtown core.

But the best idea out of all the nay sayers was the new PEI Museum could go down on the waterfront, which would be more attractive towards those who come in on the cruise ships then a Spa/Hotel/Condo. Ironically another person suggested another bar could go in there instead, among other things.

I got up to say a quick few words that I supported the development and that the area is currently an eye sore when its not in use. I did do a horrible job speaking as I was nervous as heck and suppose to be someplace else which had my mind rushing faster then a freight train!

So why is it an eyesore? Well, in the winter is a storage spot for snow, dirty snow. Except for a few weeks when the Jack Frost Festival is around, and the few festivals down there in the summer. But for the rest of the year, its an eyesore. We have big yellow barriers that are setup in different arrangements at different times of the year. In the winter when its not in use, its nothing but ice and slush which could lead to disaster. By the looks of the presentation there will be little effect to those with a waterview, therefore I supported the development unless the city has plans to turn it into a greenspace like Confederation Landing Park.

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