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Downtown Development

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When I was a kid, everytime we went to the Confederation Court Mall, we would make a stop at the sports store formerly located where the below image is located.

It is now vacant and I don't think they have had a good anchor client for a while, some with where the Dows Mens Wear (I could be wrong on the name but it used to be between BMO and Cows) used to be. Now, there's a big old empty spot, well its actually been empty for a while.

I think if people do not start allow development, like the Condos on the Waterfront, we are going to start to see more and more empty store locations in our downtown, in essence killing our downtown. A simple walk around the Confederation Court Mall will expose you to numerous empty locations in and outside the mall which used to house a business at one point in time.

A simple walk in the downtown core of Summerside is a perfect example of what Downtown Charlottetown will be if projects are not approved.

I also think Homburg recongizes this and is taking steps to ensure that the Confederation Court Mall stays vibrant by building the Hotel right on top of it. Without an improve, they may face more and more tenants leaving the Confederation Court Mall.

The logic here is simple, place a hotel on top a mall and its practically a guaranteed bet that those hotel guests will wander into the Confederation Court Mall and no doubt buy something.

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