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Importance of a Domain Name

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While watching CBC Compass, an advertisement was on for Suites on St. Stephen. The ad enticed me to bring up their website and checkout the Suites in Summerside.

For me, someone who has been around the web for a while, it was easy to remember the second part (the domain) of their website address ( But for their target audience, who appear to be older people or the average joe it might not be as easy to write the entire website down (

While using a third party like Blogspot is okay, the company who is advertising the sale of these units should be spending the $10-$15 on a domain name which would allow them to have a smaller domain, such as, which is easier to remember and much easier to write down.

Former users are currently experiencing the negative impact of depending on a third parties address. Former ISN users are being forced to change their email address and/or website address if they were using the domain in their website address (ex. or email address (

Companies will probably lose customers because of this. For instance, a client of mine has a mail order business where people email him every year asking for a new order of his products. If a customer did not receive the email notification stating his email address is changing, he will lose out on those orders as that customer will be unable to reach him.

Companies who have spent years using are now being forced to change it to which means the years of flashing the email address has been put to waste.

If those companies spent the $10-$15 per year on their own domain name, then their address would never need to change unless the company does not wish to retain a domain name.

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