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Consider Web Hosting A Pizza

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Years ago, it would be odd to have your website suspended because you've used too many resources on the server. Now, it is happening more and more and the increase in suspensions is not a result of sites being busier/more resource intense. It's because web hosting companies are cutting back, meaning you have less resources on the server to use. The reason? To remain competitive.

The problem with web hosting is that when purchasing it, most people consider all web hosting the same and most don't take a serious look into what they are doing.

How web hosting works is really simple. It's very similar to a pizza shop selling a slice of pizza.

What web hosting companies will do is purchase a server (and co-locate it or lease it). As they add customers to the server, your slice of the pizza gets smaller and smaller. You remember fractions from junior high school right?

Consider this pizza:
Pizza Cut 8 Ways

You have 8 slices of pizza formed from the one whole pizza. Consider the whole pizza a server. Each slice represents the available resources a customer of a hosting company has to use. Right now, these pieces of an oka

As your web hosting company adds more customers, they continue to cut into your slice of pizza. Instead of having 8 slices from the pizza above, you now have 16 slices however the slices are smaller meaning less pizza or resources for your website to use (or in the case of a pizza, less for you to eat). At the same time, even though your slice of pizza is cut in half, your monthly bill remains the same.

Pizza Cut 16 Ways

As companies add more and more clients to a server, the slice of pizza continues to be cut so eventually you barely get any pizza but are still paying the same amount.

Pizza Cut 32 Ways

What determines the size of the pizza you're going to receive? Normally the cost is a big factor. Most people look at the cheapest as being their right fit, which is fine but don't expect many resources.

The more you pay, the more resources you are likely to receive.

Now the company employees will come out and say, well our servers are powerful/massive size pizzas and we don't have that problem. Well, that's horribly incorrect. The bigger the server, the more expensive the server is. The more expensive the server is, the more customers that a web hosting company has to fit onto the server to make a profit, thus it's simply the same idea.

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